We wouldn't have been able to open our business if it wasn't for the management team of IMS.  They managed, from start to finish, everything we needed to get the doors of our store open.  Dealing with all the permitting and regulations of our city was so confusing; but with IMS managing it all for us, it was a huge relief! We were able to focus on other business needs outside of the construction process, like operations & marketing.

Thanks IMS!  We look forward to working with you on future projects!

                                               ~ Buzzed Bull Creamery (Cincinnati, OH)

From Concept to Creation

We want your business to be profitable and successful; let us help you build the space you need.  Here's how we do it:

  • ​Project Concept
    • IMS is an essential part of the pre-construction team, providing early budget estimates, cost saving solutions and plans of action for your project.  IMS' priority is to develop your specific needs into reality.
  • Administration
    • ​​​IMS understands that the administration responsibilities are a crucial part of each project.  We team up with our clients to understand expectations from all partners in the process.  IMS organizes with clear communication to ensure that all projects are completed on time, on budget and in alignment with all construction records.
  • Lease Holder Development
    • ​​IMS specializes in taking a leased space and customizing it to add value for the prospective client.  We can take a vacant or existing space and personalize it to fit our clients specific needs, resulted in added value for their business.  Our priority for each space is to have it completed on time and on budget.

Construction Build Out Development & Management

Every business is different.  Every enterprise has it's own unique reason for existing.

We have a experience in helping new businesses manage their build out processes. 

Your new business is important.  Don't leave this to guess work.  We can help you manage all the steps it takes to get the doors of your business open. 

We have manuals developed for this exact process and we know all the steps it takes from architectural drawings, to inspections and permitting.

We can manage all your needs:

  1. ​Find a Space
  2. ​Architectural Drawings
  3. ​Permit Applications
  4. ​Drawings & ADA Compliance
  5. ​Building Permits
  6. ​Board of Health
  7. ​Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) If applicable in your city/county
  8. ​Managing local licensed & insured contractors
  9. ​Electrical Permits
  10. Plumbing Permit​
  11. Heating & Air Permit (HVAC)
  12. Fire Protection Permit (If applicable to your space)
  13. Rough in Inspections for all sub-contractors
  14. Final Inspections
  15. ​Board of Health Inspection